Project is to build radio controlled cars and include self driving capabilities if possible.

Hope to get some other members to help out!

Stages: 1 - Move car Use roomba motorized wheels or other toy cars motorized wheels. Add power (batteries OK) and turn on/off with switch

2 - Add Adruino control Use arduino (probably with motorshield to up amps) to move car. Write program to move each wheel (or left side/right side) for a given amount of time. Stretch goal to move with a given amount of power (aka speed). Allow upload of different programs to control movement.

3 - Add wired interface to Arduino Same as above with controls extracted to something wired to the arduino (e.g. number pad). Allow a whole program to execute when pressing a button. Then add left, right, back forward, slow, fast buttons to control interface

4 - Add radio controller for mounting on car Same as above with addition of a radio controller

5 - Add sensors Needs more definition. Potential is to add a Raspberry PI and some kind of vision sensor. Then allow car to change direction based on vision interface and processing on Raspeberry PI (could use arduino logic if possible).

6 - Add AI Same as above with addition of AI processing of vision info. e.g. take a different action based on what it sees (or hears?). Like backup if it sees black or turn right if it sees white, etc.

PS this is an idea from a prospective member. Hope its OK that I just added it to your wiki. Thanks Greg Smith

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