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We are a bootstrapped maker space in the center of Somerviell, MA. We have a small space catering for enthusiastic makers, and hold weekly meetings where we get together and make things, We have a 3D printer, CNC, various power and hand tools, and may one day buy ourselves a laser cutter.


We've started the Cambridge Hackspace to provide a community-operated physical space where people can gather and work on their projects, have access to larger or expensive tools (like the 3D printer, and laser cutter), and provide a place where the community can share their knowledge. We encourage making.


Anyone and everyone is welcome. Whether your thing is software, electronics, woodwork, or knitting, we want to provide a space where you can meet fellow makers, to learn, and be inspired. We are setting up Peer to Peer learning so that anyone can share their knowledge, and everyone can benefit.


We are located in the P.irateship, near Union Square. We hold events every week, our next meeting is on Tuesday, 13 Oct @ 06:30pm - Check our events page for future events. You can also like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter (@HackCambridge)

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Next Event

Hackspace Project Night

Tuesday, 13 Oct 06:30pm (3 attending so-far)

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